Developing Safer Drinking Habits

Row of various drinks on white background

By The Office of Student Conduct at Ferris State University

Many students choose not to drink alcohol while they college or while under the legal drinking age. Others, who choose to consume, may not always be aware of the best ways to have a safer experience. Most students entering college have a limited experience with alcohol and may put themselves inadvertently in danger by not knowing some simple steps to a safer experience.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you or a friend consumes alcohol:

  • You Do You – don’t ever feel you have to “keep up”, “catch up”, or “pace” with a friend, significant other, or spouse.
  • Fuel Up – Eating before you drink helps alcohol absorb more slowly into your body.
  • Get Some Sleep Having a drink after a “long day” may sound like a good idea, but drinking while tired or exhausted can be more risky than normal.
  • Plan Ahead – Set your own limit before you leave. Being responsible means knowing your limit, set what works for you before you head out for the evening and stick to that limit.
  • Avoid Drinking Games – These games promote excessive drinking, typically at a rate much faster than your body can process.
  • Watch Your Pours – If you are consuming hard alcohol, use a shot glass to help measure how much goes into each drink.
  • Listen to Your Friends – When they say you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.
  • Know When to Get Help – Ferris State University and the State of Michigan provide amnesty to individuals seeking help for someone who has consumed alcohol or used drugs. You, your friends, and the person needing help will not get in trouble for calling 911 or going to the hospital for help.